This tutorial will explain how to install, update and uninstall Mullvad Browser from builds, as for now, the app isn’t available from any distribution package manager, Flatpak or Snap.

Install Link to heading

  1. Open a Terminal and download the latest release for your current user:

    cd ~/.local/share && wget -O mullvad-browser.tar.xz

  2. Extract the content of the downloaded file into a mullvad-browser folder:

    tar -xvf mullvad-browser.tar.xz mullvad-browser

  3. Delete the downloaded tar.xz file as you don’t need it anymore and enter the extracted folder:

    rm mullvad-browser.tar.xz && cd mullvad-browser

  4. Launch Mullvad Browser with the --register-app flag, this should register Mullvad Browser as a desktop app for the current user:

    ./start-mullvad-browser.desktop --register-app

    You can also run ./start-mullvad-browser.desktop --help to see more options.

  5. Run ./start-mullvad-browser.desktop --setDefaultBrowser to set Mullvad Browser as your default browser.

Edit: As of April 22, 2023, Mullvad Browser is also installable through repository packages from Flathub and AUR.

Update Link to heading

To update the app, you just need to repeat the steps number 1, 2 and 3. You don’t need to register the app again.

Uninstall Link to heading

  1. First, unregister the desktop app:

    cd ~/.local/share/mullvad-browser && ./start-mullvad-browser.desktop --unregister-app

  2. And now delete the mullvad-browser data you left on your computer:

    rm -rf ~/.local/share/mullvad-browser

That’s it! Mullvad Browser uninstalled.