As a contributor to OpenStreetMap and allergic to Google Maps, I’m still looking for an alternative to Google Street View.

Numerous projects have emerged, such as Mapillary, bought by Facebook or Kartaview, abandoned (?) to raise the day on some scam, not contributing to OpenStreetMap.

The last thing is Mapilio, although the project is quite recent and has not yet proved its worth (not open source and the way in which it would contribute to OpenStreetMap is not yet clear) I will not dwell on that today but rather on how to download the data (i.e. the routes/images) that you upload to Mapilio.

It should be noted that while writing this script, I found a security vulnerability in the Mapilio API that exposed all the users' emails. I reported this flaw, and it has now been fixed.

Finding your User ID Link to heading

To download your data you will need your user ID, this can be found when viewing any of your tracks on the Network tab by inspecting the page (right click or F12) on the web version app.

You should see one or more requests to the domain name and on the same line, in the “File” column something like getUploadsByUser?options[parameters][user_id]=463, in this case 463 is the user ID.

Downloading your tracks Link to heading

Once you have your user ID, you can clone the repo that contains the script on your computer:

git clone
cd mapilio_downloader/

Now you just have to give the script the necessary permissions and run it, you will be asked to specify the user ID:

chmod +x

The script will now create several folders in which it will save your account information as well as the tracks you have uploaded in JSON format, and then download the images in WebP format in their corresponding folder. Here is an overview of the structure:

└── user_id
    ├── uploads
    │ ├── uuid_1
    │ │ └── uuid_1_sequence.json
    │ ├── uuid_2
    │ │ └── uuid_2_sequence.json
    │ ├── uuid_3
    │ │ └── uuid_3_sequence.json
    ├── user_id.json
    └── user_id_uploads.json

Depending on how many tracks and images you have uploaded the download will take more or less time.

Don’t forget that if you are a European citizen, you have the right to email Mapilio asking for access to your data, this includes your uploaded images.